filivs macrocosmi "innerself...isolationism" 3"CD-R / CD-R
OMS Records, Ukraine, July 2002)

This is the second album of Lord Gorgoroth's solo-project. Meditative dark ambient cosmic soundscapes. Continuation of travelling into internal Worlds of the Creator. Album is dedicated to Lord Gorgoroth's son, who was born on December 6, 2001...

Release has two variants - 20 copies are 3"CD-R, 30 copies are CD-R includes video-bonus for PC. Video is based on track "microcosm VII", which is taken from debut filivs macrocosmi album "microcosm I-IX".

Package: 3"CD-R - first 5 copies in full-color laser-printed special envelope, rest in mini jewel-case with full-color inkjet-printed layout; CD-R - all copies in slim jewel-case with full-color inkjet-printed layout. Total time: 3"CD-R - 21 mins; CD-R - 21 mins + video (5+ mins). Total extra-ltd. ed. to 50 handnumbered copies.



first human ferro "numinosum / pogrom / nex / a choice is a chance" 3"CD-R
OMS Records, Ukraine, July 2002)

Death industrial/power electronics. Two tracks are exclusive, two taken from album "ferrari", which issued by Polish Soulworm Editions.

Package - mini jewel-case with inkjet-printed layout. Total time - 17:22 mins. Extra-ltd. ed. to 28.




Old Monks' Saga "Epopee" CD-R
OMS Records, Ukraine, October 2002)

Long-awaited album from the oldest Ukrainian Dark Syndicate project. Dark ambient "Romantic music of deep space" with light militaristic touch. Album includes tribute-cover to Burzum's "Balferd Baldrs".

Package - DVD-case with full-color inkjet-printed layout and full conception of the album in russian. Last 11 copies comes with chalk-overly full-color laserjet-printed layout. Total time - 50:00 mins. Extra-ltd. ed. to 50.




Sole Occidente "Ye Last Journey of Mine" CD-R
OMS Records, Ukraine, July 2003)

First non-UDS' project release. New discovery from Ukrainian dark side, project Sole Occidente from Donetsk comes with new album. Music of Sole Occidente can describe as romantic ambient music in gothic and baroque style filled with medieval melodies.

"Castles at the mountains covered with snow, scenes of the days forgotten... Do you remember what was before you came in this world? Where you have lived before, may be your dreams tell you about? Loneliness in the white fairytale of the Death. Feeling of the unspeakable sadness when you are looking at the full moon and feel that you had lost something and can not remember what exactly... And the sadness grows stronger and hurts you... May be you have lost your way Home?..."

Package - regular jewel-case with full-color inkjet-printed layout. Random 5 copies comes with chalk-overly full-color laserjet-printed layout. Total time - 42:11 mins. First run extra-ltd. ed. to 50.

CANCELLED due to technical reasons! Was spread of 35 copies.



first human ferro "greater than temple" CD-R
OMS Records, Ukraine, July 2003)

This is 4th re-edition of the "the halo over pontiff's hearse" tape, originally recorded in june-august 1998 and probably is the finest material f.h.f has ever performed so far. All tracks presented are re-arrangered and remixed yet preserve slight reminiscences with original version and serve as an exposition of what f.h.f really is about.

Package - regular jewel-case with full-color inkjet-printed very informative layout. Random 16 copies comes with chalk-overly full-color laserjet-printed layout. Total time - 44:16 mins. Ltd. ed. to 100 handnumbered copies.

CANCELLED due to technical reasons! Was spread of 56 copies.


WE 01 /

in meditarium "uterus" CD-R
Wrong Eye / OMS Records, Russia / Ukraine, June 2004)

Collaboration release of Russian (sub-label of Tantric Harmonies) and Ukrainian labels of this project second album. Meditative dark ambient with soporific industrial elements. More deep stuff than debut one. Pro-manufactured CD-R.

"…as if mother's touch when you are still in her uterus… as if waves touch you after pilgrimaging via desert… very sincere music, like searching for god's shrine, sincere, like mother's touch in… "dark rooms of dreamers… at night, he reminded alone with his star"… Trakl's lines obsessively I am whispering, lines of deep religious yearning and poetic peace… searching for the star, in dark rooms I pray, and prayer turns into poetry the rooms are lit with…"

Package - pro-printed b/w slipcase. Total time - 40+ min. Ltd. ed. to 100.




Bararum "Danu's Rebirth" CD-R
OMS Records, Ukraine, July 2004)

A longly anticipated album "the Danu's Rebith" by "Bararum" project that is just out of production strives to traditions of neofolk sounding. The basic theme of the album is taken from Nik Perumov's novel "the Diamond sword / the wooden sword", whose magical but realistic and bright images have been Strakhinya's and Skryling's inspiration in their rather successful attempt to reconstruct unique atmosphere of the elven, human and gnomes world. And, certainly, wonderful music tells about strange and miraculous people of Danu, about young emperor's way and his unusual love to a girl of Danu.

Unprepared listener may find the album a little bit complex to understand - the absence of a vocal, flying fifes tempo, unordinary fiddle parties make compositions really swift and versatile. Produced style of music appears to be quite unique, since the fundamental ideas of compositions are delivered through nonclassical musical tools. It is neither a pseudo-celtic folk nor slavic tunes, in general this music is rather indirectly connected with national one, but it is a certain alloy of new pseudo-ethnic melodies and the modern approach of music creation. Fifty minutes of sound represent 10 themes, all united by the basic idea and perceived on uniform breath. Each composition tells about the certain episode or the hero of the book.

Package - pro-printed black cardboard envelope with silver printings.
Total time - 48+ min. First run ltd. ed. to 99 handnumbered copies.




filivs macrocosmi "versatility of perception" double-CD-R-set
OMS Records, Ukraine, November 2004)

special edition

... Each part of the "Versatility of Perception" is an imprint of the psychological state of the Creator in certain moment of time... an inprint expressed in sounds and trying to describe step by step man evolution path in the universe, as well as evolution of the universe itself the man...

"Versatility of Perception" documents the development of filivs macrocosmi through the years 2001-2003. First disk includes rare material, previously released by polish industrial label Soulworm Editions as ltd. ed. 50 CDR under the title "microcosm I-IX". Second disk includes previously unreleased material as well as material taken from mini-album of the project, entitled "innerself...isolationism" and released by our own OMS Records as ltd. ed. 50 3"CDR/CDR.

Package - cardboard doubleCD digisleeve with golden printings on it.
Ltd.ed. of 64 expanded to 81 handnumbered copies of pro-labeled CDRs with marker "s" after number.



filivs macrocosmi "oxymoron structures" CD-R
(OMS Records, December 2005)

Hailing from Ukraine's dark electronics Mecca - Zhitomir city - "Filius Macrocosmi" led by the Ukrainian Dark Syndicate mastermind Sergey Svistelnik represents the latest revelations within the realms of free electronica/field recordings/isolationism solidly based upon the literary notion of "oxymoron" - a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction. Indulge yourself into the "structures" of deep subconscious movement leading towards the ever-present universal balance through the reunion of the contradictions our lives filled with. Soporific ambient/tribal/dark ambient at its best utilizing the original field recordings as well as quite unexpected P.I.Tschaikowsky "Romeo & Juliet" love theme, collaborating with First Human Ferro and the Ukrainian rising project Sorfeum.

Package - slim DVD-case with b/w inlay. Ltd.ed. to 111 handmarkered disks' copies.

CANCELLED due to technical reasons! Was spread of 60 copies.


first human ferro "corona astralis" CD
(OMS Records, December 2005)

This is first OMS Records CD!
"Corona Astralis" is a consequential follow-up to the 2000 "Motherwards" CD and in the long run fundamentally represents development of the project, carefully combining early 1998-2001 death ambient/industrial experiments with recent ever generating solid electroacoustics, harsh electronica and dronesque synth multistructures, all to be ultimately finallized as integral one of the world in a grain of sand...

Package - jewel-case. Ltd.ed. to 500.



filivs macrocosmi "Stalker" CD
(OMS Records, December 2006)

"Stalker is an elaborate puzzle. Its pieces are always scattered, and Filivs Macrocosmi relies on his listener to bring the final element of the puzzle along with him. One of Stalker's many treats is that it invites you to get carried away into your own thoughts, flowing with the images as it provides new questions to ponder... In that sense, the album is very much like a philosophical poem: a very simple surface covering innumerable layers of meaning. One extremely long ride in a cart, with clunking metal and water-whooshing sounds, is fascinating and hypnotic. FM downplayed the science fiction aspects of the movie, making the album more about philosophical and spiritual concerns leaving us at the threshold of the Room where all our most cherished desires come true. Welcome to your Self, an alien place guarded by barbed wire..."

Package - 3-panel fullcolor glossy paper cover. Ltd.ed. to 500.


click for more indo
V.A. "Energia" digi-CD
(OMS Records, December 2007)

UKRAINIAN DARK SYNDICATE proudly present an ENERGIA tribute compilation dedicated to a centenary of the founder of world's practical astronautics – S.P.Korolyov (1907-1966). Former USSR chief engineer and designer, he has gone down to spacecraft history as an ingenious inventor of world's first satellites, rockets, and human spaceflights, Y.Gagarin's including. Herein we render homage to a genius who brought human phantasies to outer space reality. An exclusive compilation which ranges from multi-faceted deep dark ambient to electroacoustics-related is featured by ATOMINE ELEKTRINE, AUTOPSIA, CISFINITUM, DEUTSCH NEPAL, FILIVS MACROCOSMI, FIRST HUMAN FERRO, ISOMER, KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK, NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, POLYGON, SATORI, THOLEN, VESTIGIAL and VISIONS; compiled and executed by Olegh Kolyada (FHF/Oda Relicta).

Package - glossy six-panel digipack with 12-page booklet. Ltd. ed. to 468.


We also offer you a special addition to the cd - a collection of 20 stamps within a block of stamps in great 3-panel cardboard envelope dedicated to the 50th anniversary since the first sputnik launch + full-color glossy booklet of S.P.Korolyov Astronautics Museum (Zhitomir, Ukraine)



AP-08 /
Filivs Macrocosmi & Charadriiform "Ex Vivo" CD
(A5 Production / OMS Records, March 2012)

One long collaborative ambient/drone track of two Ukrainian projects. "Since the beginning of time mankind has been fascinated by Space. Few has not dreamed of going to the moon, or to become an astronaut and leavehis mark on Mars, While being a child. In 1961, the technical genius of Soviet scientists proved that man can master the cosmos. But how many people think about the fact that in addition to the celebrations, glory and indescribable feelings, a flight beyond Earth may bring pain, suffering, madness? In our work Ex Vivo (Lat. "from life"), we would like to reveal all the faces of flights, which are not talked about - loneliness, isolation from the usual things, the incredible closeness of death and an endless cold abyss of the universe, which stares at astronaut. We have tried to convey and express the feelings that a person experiences at start of the machine and to the point where he can no longer distinguish the picture generated by his imagination from reality. The tranquility that ends the album in any case should not be understood as an obituary. It is rather a hymn of praise to the birth of a man who understood and took for himself a place that was defined for him by the universe."

Package - clear C-shell. Ltd.ed. to 500.


Silentivm / AR "The Ancients' Wisdom" / "The Eternal Circle Of Life" split CD
(Casus Belli Musica / OMS Records, June 2012)

The present split-CD contains debut albums of Ukrainian Pagan darkwave/ambient projects SILENTIUM and AR, whose founders till their meeting in 2002 didn't suspect about full similarity of their Weltanschauung reflected in their albums which you can find on this split-CD.The motto consisting of three Latin maxims of different authors can illustrate these ideas: "SVB SPECIE AETERNITATIS - CONVENIENTER CVM NATVRA VIVE - EX MORE MAIORVM" (from the Eternity's point - live your life in compliance with the Nature - according to custom of the Ancestors).

Besides their similarity of ideological constituents, as well as short length of tracks and stylistic diversity of all tracks, years of the music creation also unite these albums (tracks of SILENTIUM had been created in 1988 - 1994, tracks of AR - in 1992 - 1999). These albums' "destiny" is also similar, because both of them were released in the 90's in MC-format, and then were near to releasing in CD-format in North America (SILENTIUM had been supposed to release in 2004 through Eternal Winter (Canada), and AR had been signed with Falcata Galia Recordings (USA) in 2001).

Taking into account the historical period of the albums'creation and also undiminishing interest of listeners and authors of cover versions and remixes of SILENTIUM and AR up till now, it is possible to assert that these albums became a kind of classics for Ukrainian electronic Pagan scene whose founders, in fact, were SILENTIUM (1995) and MISTIGO VARGGORH PROJECT with the album "Midnight Fullmoon" (1997). We should pay attention to the fact that Munruthel also took part in recording of "Midnight Fullmoon", and released a debut album of his MUNRUTHEL solo-project "Yav', Nav' i Prav'" in MC-format also in 1997. "Yav', Nav' i Prav'" album included some musical groundwork initially intended for the second album of SILENTIUM.

The split-CD SILENTIUM "The Ancients' Wisdom"/AR "The Eternal Circle Of Life" is addressed to the old fans of both projects, and to those who take interest in Ukrainian Pagan underground of the 90's, and to the ones who are not indifferent to darkwave ambient of the above mentioned period. We should separately mark out fans of Munruthel, who will enjoy the CD as a fine gift illustrating the initial creative stage of their favourite composer.

The musicians and the publishers have tried to keep the spirit of the tape recording epoch in the most possible way, having minimized the difference between design and content of MC and CD versions of the albums. Although SILENTIUM recordings were subjected to necessary sound restoration, and the album of AR was supplemented with two remixes (feat. Graham A. Gosnell) recorded in England.

Package - 3-panels digifile. Ltd.ed. to 500.



MBCD001 /
ACU 1006
Absurd Inspiration & Charadriiform vs Filivs Macrocosmi "Versatility of Perception, vol. II: Ukrainian Ambient Alliance" 2xCD
(Mertvi Bdzholy / OMS Records / Attenuation Circuit, April 2016)

Versatility of perception is a revisiting of the early recordings of Filivs Macrocosmi by two Ukrainian projects Absurd Inspiration and Charadriiform. The record is not a cover-up but a well thought-over plunging into the original atmosphere to reinforce the sound palette from various cryptic perspectives. Absurd Inspiration focuses mainly on the occult part, in particular Crowley's "The Book of the Law" concept of love under will, and references to the cult of goddess reflected in early Filivs Macrocosmi art. Charadriiform, on the contrary, makes the original isolationist ambience truly absolute, relating wide open space and the unconscious.

Package - double-CD DVD-digipak. Ltd.ed. to 500.